Are your cells getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy, protected and functional?

Restore, Maintain and Stabilise Your Cells with Cellogie

The cells in your body sometimes lack the essential nutrients needed for their nutrition, protection and their ability to function efficiently.

Thanks to a new biological complex called Cellogie, it is now possible to provide your cells with the nutritional principles they need to get you and your body on the right path to optimum health.

Our Cells are the source of our life

The health of a cell depends on three key points:

  • Their Nutrition
  • Their Protection
  • Their function

Cellogie acts right at the source of our natural wellbeing!

Cellogie is a natural nutritional therapy which is made up of a complex of active ingredients derived from plants, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

cellogieCellogie granules are easily administered as they melt in the mouth and begin working immediately.

The active ingredients are simultaneously absorbed through the blood vessels within your mouth and reach the bloodstream and your cells quickly and efficiently.

Unlike other tablets this absorption maintains of the quality and quantity of the active ingredients.
By doing this it avoids the possible degradation brought on by digestion and the interaction with excipients.

Promotes Micro-Nutrition

The orality and sucking the Cellogie granules in the mouth also stimulates the endocrine system which in return potentiates the cellular responses.

You can read a more detailed description on how Cellogie works here.

Cellogie works Progressively, Immediately, Simultaneously for You and Your Cells!

Researchers designed the patented technology of Cellogie by studying one of nature’s great miracles, the snowflake – an ice crystal.

Whilst each snowflake is unique, in Cellogie every crystal is identical in composition and structure and it will keep its constant round form during the dissolving process.

This means that when the Cellogie granules are dissolving in the mouth, it will melt progressively and act immediately.

It also simultaneously releases the beneficial active ingredients whilst maintaining the same level of dosage, until the very end.

Just like a snowflake, each crystal protects the one underneath, which means Cellogie needs no capsule or coating, allowing faster assimilation and absorption.

There is a range of Cellogie to choose from, you can find out more about the different Cellogie products here.

An Essential Collection of Nutrients Delivered Straight to Your Cells!

There are two sets of active ingredients that make up Cellogie.

These two sets of ingredients are integrated concurrently in order to create the new biological complex:

  1. The first set of active ingredients are designed and built especially for increasing cellular protection. The extracts consist of Lypocene, Olive and OPC grape Marc. In the natural world today, these components are considered to be the most powerful antioxidants in the body.solanum-lycopersicum-olea-europaea-vitis-vinifera
  2. The second set of active ingredients is a complex of algae made up of Spirulina, Fuccus and Sea Lettuce. The algae is designed and built to increase the intake of natural micronutrients such as vitamins, trace minerals and essential oils.



When these active ingredients are brought together in the Cellogie granule they work together at the same time to improve the cells ability to protect.

Here are just some of the reasons to try it:

  • Cellogie gives your cells all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, protected and function efficiently
  • Cellogie naturally restores the balance of nutrients
  • The Cellogie granule is easily administered
  • There are only 0.7 calories per bio-granule!
  • It is totally GMO free
  • No capsule, no coating
  • No loss of quality or quantity of active ingredients.
  • Multi-targeted action
  • It does not contain gelatine, cellulose, artificial colours, alcohol or preservatives, it is 100% natural!

Empower your cells with Cellogie!

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