How Cellogie Can Work for You

Nutritional medicine has been gaining much interest due to the rapid rise being seen in chronic diseases.

Micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals have been much of the focus, with people running to vitamin stores for help.

This is mainly due to our understanding that fruits and vegetables contain these vital elements for proper human functioning.

Now, after more careful analysis, we find that these plants contain much more than just vitamins and minerals, they contain phytonutrients (nutrients that have physiological effects in the body).

As science and research expands in analysing and reproducing these compounds and constituents, we are finding varying reports.

However, one thing has always remained consistent, and that is “Whole plant-based foods have always served us well”

The whole, seems to be much greater than the sum of the parts!

In today’s disease-ridden society, we could use a little extra help.

Rather than focusing on a handful of compounds extracted or synthesized by man that are based on plant constituents, give the body the full plant and let the body decide which are the active ingredients.

The Cellogie Benefits:

  • Plant-based nutritional therapy – provides many known and unknown nutrients that can benefit human functioning, including survival.
  • Whole plants – time and time again, whole foods prove better than individual components.
  • Purity – 100% natural, absolutely nothing added. The way nature intended.
  • Non-GMO – this is important because many supplements are sourced from genetically modified plants. This can have major consequences because we are not sure about the long-term health consequences of these foods, particularly if consumed as a daily supplement.
  • No Binders or Fillers – most products contain numerous fillers and binders that reduce the body’s absorption and assimilation of these supplements. Cellogie contains zero of these, which is unprecedented in the world of nutritional supplementation.
  • Absorption – Cellogie is an oral tablet that is slowly released into the blood stream and stored in the mouth (behind the cheek) until the tablet is finally fully dissolved. This is a lengthy process but allows for the best possible nutritional effect. Combine this with the purity of the product, and its absence of binders and fillers, and you can see why Cellogie is one of the most advanced forms of nutritional delivery world-wide.
  • Delivery – Cellogie has been tested to demonstrate its effects clinically in human studies (in vivo) rather than just relying on laboratory evaluation. It is important to show that the product not only contains the ingredients that it states, but more importantly that they are absorbed into the body and can exert their benefits, physiologically into the body.

You can take a look at the studies that have been carried out on Cellogie under our Research & Studies section.

You can also visit our Models page for more information on our Cellogie products or our online shop.